On Feb 7 we flew from Melbourne to Adelaide.

Adelaide is green, elegant and can be explored easily on foot. It has more then 1 million inhabitants but it is much more relaxed then Melbourne.

Victoria Sq is the heart of the city. The Murray River flows smoothly through the city. In the sunset we had a 15 min ride by tram the Glenelg beach. The sea offers a welcome refresh in the evening  after 42 (!) degrees Celsius during the day. As it was very hot we didn’t explored too much. Just downtown Adelaide and Glenelg beach in the evening. We took a tour to Barossa Valley Australia’s most famous wine region. The first settlements were done by German Lutherans immigrants. We enjoyed very much the Shiraz wine.

On Feb 12 we flew to the Perth, the last stop on our Australian trip.

Perth is modern boom town closer to Southeast Asia then to any other Australian city. It combines big city atmosphere with a relaxed and easy-going lifestyle.  Totally relaxed.

There are 40 km of beaches around the city and you can have one beach to yourself the whole day. Close to the harbor The Bell Tower contains the royal bells of London’s St martun’s in the Fields which date from 1550.

Close to Perth Fremantle could be a suburb of Perth but maintains its own personality with bohemian reputation. It has several houses in Victorian and Edwardian styles,  buildings which witness of the gold rush period.  Fremantle is very hippy and has lots of live-music rooms, hipster bars boutique hotels and seafood shacks.

We had dinner at Kaili’s a kind of reasaurant fish market by the bay.


The other day we had a tour to Rotnest a small island ca. 19 km offshore from Fremantle. We had there a tour by bus along of turquoise bays, caves and reefs to the Lighthouse.

It is a slide of paradise ringed by beaches and bays. The island is full of quokkas, a kind of small wallabies.

On Feb 16 we flew to Bangkok via Singapore and after a three days stop further to Koh Samui where we spent a two weeks beach holiday.