Caribbean Trip Report – Regina’s and Andre’s Trip Reports

Too old to work, too young to die: let’s travel. So my wife Regina and myself decided to travel through the Caribbean Islands in the time from Dec 27,2013 – March 6, 2014.

We have visited a lot of wonderful places: Curacao, St. Maarten/St. Martin, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, St. Lucia, Grenadines.

And we have chosen intentionally the most exiciting part of our trip at the end: a catamaran trip through the Grenadines.


We have written this trip report both to describe what we have seen but also to help other people to plan such a trip. Please accompany us on this trip and start with Caribbean Trip Report – Visited Places. People who want to plan such a trip should address the Caribbean Trip Report – Practical Hints too. The Caribbean Trip Report – Itinerary shows the places where we have been and where we have stayed.

Some nice pictures of persons are under Caribbean Trip Report – People. The nature in the Caribbean  is very rich in wonderful trees and plants. Please see some of them under Caribbean Trip Report – Flora.

The pictures taken during the trip are stored here: Regina’s and Andre’s Trip Reports – Photo Gallery


Most of the tourists travel through the Caribbean by cruise ship. They think that they have visited the Caribbean but they haven’t. If you are on a cruise ship you will get off the ship at 9 am, get onto tens of buses together with other thousands of tourists, they will bring you to the next botanical garden, between 1 and 3 pm you will get lunch, then you will visit the next waterfall and at 5 pm you will be back again on your ship. You do not see the most amazing points of interest and you don’t see the life on the islands. And you won’t even see the Grenadines, the nicest islands in the Caribbean region because the water is too shallow for the huge cruise ships. Don’t go to the Caribbean by cruise ship!


We enjoyed very much the land, the sea and the nature. The only small disappointment was that we have been looking for the famous Caribbean Reggea party, but we couldn’t find it. We can ensure you that it was a wonderful trip. Please join us virtually!

The native english speakers please apologize my grammatical and lingual faults. However be aware that they are my intellectual property and can not be used without my prior written agreement.

Under Regina’s and Andre’s Trip Reports you can get a glimpse of our other trips.