Unlike in real life you meet on such a trip a series of funny persons.

I’ve met a group of three Austrian hikers . They hiked Aconcagua (ca. 7000 m) – the tallest peak in the Americas. Going up took them ca 13 days and down ca 3 days. On one of the last hops before reaching the peak they arrived to a camp where there was a tent but nobody around. They said ”Great! Let’s use that tent instead of building up our tent”. They entered the tent and discovered a dead person there. Totally scared the called by radio the administration. The ranger knew about the dead person and said that every year ca 10 persons die on the tour. But it costs ca 50,000 USD to collect one dead person and if the relatives do not have the money or do not want to pay the dead person would remain there.

Some days later I’ve met an English couple in National Park Torres del Paine. They had an own guide and a porter which carried their backpacks so the two English tourists just carried their cameras. They told me in the next days they will kayak on a river. I’ve asked them ‘Are you well trained?’ They said ‘No. Two other people will kayak and we will just admire the nature’. Wonderful English way of trekking and kayaking!

In the sky bar in Punta Arenas I’ve met an US guy. He was to start to a two day plane trip to the South Pole. There are special planes that can land there. Since it is forbidden to build anything there, the people from the travel agency will build there a very sophisticated high tech tent with water and heating, he and the group will stay there two days and then come back. Cost: 60,000 USD

Funny people isn’t it?

Enclosed a picture with my friend Kim from South Korea who explained me in a stormy night in the National Park “Torres del Paine” with two bottles of vino tinto chileno the Confucius philosphy.