Approaching Ayers Rock by plane we were impressed by the immensity, changing colour and stillness of the ‘rock’ . But first we drove to King’s Canyon to hike the Rim walk close to the Kings Canyon resort.

After a short but steep climb the walk skirts the canyon’s rim through domed sandstone rock formations. After ca. 1 hour we reached the wooden staircase and descend down to Garden of Eden: a lush pocket of ferns around a tranquil pool. Then we ascend to the top and continued the trek to the most dramatic cliff at the edge of the canyon where you can look down below with the height for almost 1000 ft. It was a very spectacular walk but we had to start before 11.00 am. Later they would close it because of heat.

The next day we drove back to Yulara. This is the name of the village where the Ayers Rock resort is located. We drove several times to Uluru (this is the name of the well-known rock) and admired the fantastic color changing at sun set, sun rise and during the day.

Road signs indicate which is the best place to take pictures for sunrise or sun set. In these places there are very good stands and we took hundreds of photos.

The other day we did the base walk around Uluru which was absolutely mesmerizing ,the texture of the rock is different from various angles and also the color varies depending upon the sun light. There are many aboriginals stories which are associated with the rock and the walks are named after them.There are several places on the rock which hold the significance to these stories and can be spotted while walking. Some of these places are sacred to the Aborigines and photography is not allowed.

Climbing on the rock was not forbidden yet but we didn’t climb it to respect the sacred place to the Aborigines. Put fly nets on the flies are very annoying!

Andre walked in Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) in the scenic gorge which runs between two huge domes. Katja Tuta is to the Aborigines of equal Significance to  Uluru but they are restricted to the men. It was very hot and I was happy to finish the walk by 11.00 am.

In the evening we attended the field of light a place wherer they installed thousands of lights in the desert. of different colors which make the place mesmerizing to view. At dusk it is a magical place. The other day we flew to Melbourne.

Uluru and Katja tutu are gorgeous but always have those fly net masks available!