Myvatn Area, Eastern Fjords Trip Report

On our way to Myvatn we passed the Godafoss waterfall. Although less powerful than some of Iceland’s other chutes, it’s definitely one of the most beautiful.


In the middle of the Myvatn region the scenic bird filled lake. Around  lots of steaming fumaroles areas, geothermic power plants and lava formations and volcanic craters.

Geothermal bath

Bathing in powder-blue mineral rich geothermal water while enjoying the panorama with mountains and seas is very relaxing. However after ca. 1.5 hours of warm water we were a little bit tired and left the bath but had a lot of fun. We didn’t go to the Blue Lagoon (close to Reyjkavik) because it is excesive expensive. Beside this you have to book long time in advance. Instead we visited the Nature Geothermal bath in Myvatn which is as nice as the Blue Lagoon but half so expensive.


To get there we took a one day trip with a strong 4 WD bus. To get there there is a four hours drive through the lava fields and passing several river crossings.

On our way to the volcano we passed through lunar landscapes. We crossed rivers and small canyons. Obviously there were no bridges- in Iceland the absolute wilderness is normal.

After arriving there we went off the bus and walked over a snow field for ca. 30 min. Askja is a caldera ringed by mountains and enclosing a saphire blue lake. The mountains reflect in the sea. In the caldera you can take a bath. However we dont know if the effort to get there and the costs were worth.


volcanic field is a lunar like landscape of piping fumaroles and and steaming vents. Strong stench of sulphur. Safe trails through the fatures are delineated by ropes. Avoid any lighter coloured soil and repect the ropes.

Close to Myvatn the small town Husavik is considered to be the capitalof whale watching. Excellent fish restaurants.


The power of the nature can be seen in all its glory at mighty Detifoss one of Iceland’s most impressive waterfalls.You can see the prume of spray from far away. Dettifoss has the greatest volume of any waterfall in Europe. The waterfall can be seen from both sides but there is no link between them. We took the sealed road and drove to the western bank of Dettifoss. We were so lucky and saw on a sunny day a DOUBLE rainbow.

Aftre finsihing the visit of Myvatn area we continued on the ring road towards to Eastern fjords, Eglistadir and then to Höfn.