Too old to work, too young to die – let’s travel. My wife Regina and myself decided to visit the most exciting places on this world and one of these places is definitely Iceland.

We visited Iceland in June- July 2019 and rented during our trip a 4 Wd car. Over 18 days we drove ca. 2500 km, had a wonderful trip and saw gorgeous places. The points of interest are: the waterfalls, the coasts and the fjords, the mountains and the lava fields, the volcanos and the glaciers. And sometimes the cloud formations in the sky are spectacular. Iceland has virtually no trees and no wild animals on land (except birds). Lots of people come for one week to Iceland which is definitely too short. In this case you won’t see wonderful places like the West fjords, Thorsmork, Landmannalaugur which are definitely  worth to be visited.  The Icelanders are friendly, laid-back people and very helpful.


We have written this trip report both to describe what we have seen but also to help other people to plan such a trip. Please accompany us on this trip.

We have visited: Regina’s and Andre’s Trip Reports – Reykjawik, The Golden Circle, The Snaefellsnes Peninsula,

Regina’s and Andre’s Trip Reports – The West Fyords, Akureyri,

Regina’s and Andre’s Trip Reports – The Myvatn Area, The East Fjords

Regina’s and Andre’s Trip Reports – Vatnajökull, Landmannalaugar, Porsmörk

People who want to plan such a trip should address Regina’s and Andre’s Trip Reports – Conclusions and Practical Tips too. Regina’s and Andre’s Trip Reports – Itinerary.

The native English speakers please apologize my grammatical and lingual faults. However be aware that they are my intellectual property and cannot be used without my prior written agreement.

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