After waiting three hours I flew with Aerolineas Argentinas from Bariloche to Buenos Aires and from BA to Iguazu. The flight was again delayed and arrived at 9:30 pm in Iguazu and there was no public bus anymore. A lot of taxi drivers were very happy about the delay and hoped to do a big deal. I was lucky to find a guy who took me with his car into the city.

The next day, after I got the explanations from the reception guy, I took the public bus toward the cataratas.

In the Parque National it is not necessary to take the train between estation Central and estacion Cataratas. If you take the first train then you have to wait two times. Once at the fist train and then at the second between the estacion Cataratas and Garganua. It is better to walk down the Sentero Verde to the estacion Cataratas (ca 10 min walk). Isla St Martin might be overcrowded and closed during the day. so try to go there earlier.
I went to the Circuito Inferior, the Circuito Superior, the island St Martin and the Garganta del diabolo. I’ve enjoyed very much the Circuito Inferior and the Isla st Martin. The other where a kind of deja vu. But perhaps if you them in another order you would think otherwise.

To go to Isla St Martin there is a small boat for just a five minutes cruise. However it might be very crowded so it is worth to go there early. I have trekked the sentero machuco (ca two hours walk) . The sentero itself is not very interesting however the bath in the natural swimming pool at the end of the trail is cute. . I took a shower from the waterfall (ca 20. m high). Everything was wonderful until I’ve noticed that something is biting me. There were small biting fishes (ca. 1-2 cm long). Well it is not bad if one bites you, but hundreds of them at the same time!! So it was a short bath!

I’ve been on the Brasilian side too, there is a bus from the bus terminal Iguazu from  empresa “Crucero de Norte”. (Price: 50 ars)
On the Brasilian side there is only one trail. But you have a good overview over the whole catatratas and you can take good pictures. On the Brazilian side there are helicopter flights but they are awful loud disturbing the birds and the wild life. I didn’t do it. The stay on the Brazilian side took just two hours.

My hotel in Iguazu: Residencia Noelia Hostel

My favorit restaurant: Il Fratelli on Ing Epnes.

Very nice small restaurants with regional character and bars at far end of Av do Bresil

On Feb 23rd I flew after nearly seven weeks back from Iguazu to Munich via Buenos Aires and Madrid. Thank you very much for virtually accompaniyng me on this trip.